Best Fiverr Gigs for Businesses, Bloggers, and Companies

Best Fiverr Gigs for Businesses, Bloggers, and Companies

Before I start rolling out the complete list of the best Fiverr gigs for small business owners, startup companies, bloggers and many more, maybe I’ll need to give you an overview of what exactly is Fiverr, in case you’re not familiar with it.

I bet you all know what a “fiver” is. And that’s how the name “Fiverr” comes from. It is a marketplace where all services (or called gigs) start at a base price of $5. Though there are gigs that offer physical products with shipping, Fiverr is mainly service-based. You can think of it as Amazon, with services primarily instead of products.

There are countless types of Fiverr gigs, with many adding to the marketplace every day. Some are definitely useful, practical and adding value to your businesses, while some are just fun and bizarre (Can you imagine a man throwing a chainsaw while singing a jingle?). This diverse platform covers the needs of different people, and that’s why it’s so successful.

Okay, now you at least have a rough idea of how Fiverr works. So, let’s get straight to the detailed list of the best Fiverr gigs that are worth buying.

Logo Design

1. Logo Design

Logo design is probably the top category among all graphic design related services on Fiverr. Some professional logo designers criticize this trading platform, saying that it devalues the value of logo identity branding. Such claim does have some truth, but overall it’s rather exaggerated. Branding is important, but not every company is Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Google or Microsoft. Fiverr acts as an acceptable alternative to other professional logo designers who typically quote more than $500 for a logo to be designed. It is best for small businesses with limited budget as most gigs are affordable. Personal bloggers, musical bands, school clubs, event organizers can also enjoy cheap logo design services catering to their needs.

There are various kinds of logo design gigs here. Be careful that some of them may offer poor quality or even stolen logos. I’ve published a complete list of tips and tricks on finding good logo designers on Fiverr, so please check it out before you hastily place an order. There are limitless styles of logos available, including mascots, signatures, letterings, watercolour, neon, vintage badges, crests, and stamps. I’m sure you can find the most suitable seller if you spend some time researching and selecting the seller carefully beforehand.

Just a self-promotion here, I’m also a logo designer specializing in designing text logos. Feel free to browse around my website to see if there is any service that fits you.

Business Cards

2. Business Cards

Business cards are a must for almost all companies. A business card includes the essence of a business, including its logo, style, and contact details. It’s important for you to have a unique business card design that represents your company branding, and make you stand out of the crowd. The business card design gigs on Fiverr are versatile. Some of them offer the typical rectangular design, while some provide a more special design, such as a square.

Although these Fiverr gigs can come in handy, be sure to check with the seller the format and structure of the business card. Does the design comply with the size, specifications and dimensions of the printing company you’re going to use? Has the design been given bleed area? All these are crucial to ensure the business card design is print-ready. Remember to contact the seller first for clarification if his or her gig description is not clear enough. Otherwise, your money will probably be wasted if the design is rejected by the printing firm.

Graphics and Illustration

3. Graphics and Illustration

Graphics and illustration are important to attract readers’ attention. Imagine you’re browsing a website or reading a leaflet with tons of words on it without a single image. I’m sure you’ll stop reading within minutes, or seconds. No matter how marvellous your content is, it fails when it can’t grab the attention of the audience.

Graphics and illustration act as attention-grabbers within your context. Examples would be the flat banners I design for this article. They act as nice dividers between large amounts of texts. Once again, there are many different illustrators on Fiverr. Some are experts in flat design, some are good at watercolour painting, while the others specialize in digital graphics. Browse around and find a style that works for your company.

There are also some interesting sellers who are skilled in book illustration. Some buyers hire them to draw all the illustrations for a children’s book to be published. You’ll be amazed by the unique style of every designer.

Cartoon and Caricature

4. Cartoon and Caricature

Cartoon and caricature are definitely best for personal use, like a cartoon portrait of you, or your family. Every designer here on Fiverr has his own drawing style. Some sellers like to draw the cartoons in a more realistic way, while the others like them to be more cartoony. Some can even draw you like a Minion, Simpson, Avatar or Japanese anime!

This category is suitable just for fun. Business-wise, you may find some superb sellers designing a good looking avatar for you to use online, or a cute mascot or cartoon illustration to help advertise your company. If you’re planning to give somebody a gift, a caricature may be a good choice too.

Book Covers and Packaging

5. Book Covers and Packaging

These categories may not be necessary for every business, but are useful when you need them. Some companies offer useful eBooks for free to promote their businesses, while the others offer them in Amazon Kindle Store. Either way, they still need an attractive book cover to grab potential customers’ attention. Such Fiverr gigs provide economical solution to the book cover design, and most of the sellers are professional in their jobs.

As for the packaging design, some businesses need album cover, paper bag design, box packaging for their promotional campaigns. Remember to provide the seller with details and specifications for the product, so the seller can better cater to what you need.

Flyers and Posters

6. Flyers and Posters

Some companies like the traditional approach to promote their services and products, especially if the targeted audience is the locals. Flyers and leaflets with appealing design usually help enhance the promotional effect. Explore this category and discover talented sellers who design different styles of flyers. Some are experienced in designing retro or vintage style flyers, while some love creating flat design. Consider the nature of your company or website, and choose the best fit one that works.

Besides, companies occasionally launch campaigns and events, and you’ll need an awesome poster to promote them, no matter online or by posting it in public. Now you can hire cheap and affordable designers to help you with the posters.

Banner Ads

7. Banner Ads

Nowadays, online advertising is very popular. In many cases you’ll need an online banner ad to attract potential customers and convey your business ideas. However, I bet most of you have had the experience of being annoyed by spammy looking banner ads with poor graphics and ugly fonts.

Therefore, I recommend choosing sellers who design refreshing and clean banner ads. The ads should be simple, straightforward without too much details and distracting information. Bear in mind that you should give the seller clear instructions on how he should structure the banner ad. Also remember not to stuff tons of information in a small banner. You’ll only waste you money as no one will ever look at a messy banner stuffed with words.

Also, if you’re seeking Facebook ad design, remember to follow Facebook’s guidelines. There are rules that you should follow, like the 20% text rule.

Social Media Design

8. Social Media Design

Another popular category on Fiverr. No matter you’re on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google+, you’ll need cover photos and headers in top quality to represent your branding. Don’t underestimate the power of social networks. They can drive organic traffic and visitors to your websites and companies if you utilize them properly.

When someone visits your Facebook fan page, Twitter profile, YouTube channel or Google+ profile, the cover photo would be a nice attention grabber. Take this great opportunity to show off and make it as unique and impressive as possible.

Most of the designers working on these Fiverr gigs are already familiar with the size and format of the social media design, but it’d still be good to contact them beforehand and ask them about the specifications. The cover will be quite weird if it’s in wrong dimensions.


9. Presentations

What do you need to present your ideas successfully in a company meeting besides some good preparation? Yes, an impeccable PowerPoint presentation. Not familiar with designing the PowerPoint? Always frustrated in trying to make the PowerPoint presentation more organized and readable? Here on Fiverr you can seek help from sellers who specialize in designing PowerPoint presentations. They know how to customize a PowerPoint template and organize your ideas into a clean and tidy presentation. I’m sure you’ll be more confident in presenting your ideas when you’ve got a high quality PowerPoint presentation.

Slideshows are also useful when you want to tell your readers about something in a more interactive way. For example, a blogger can make use of a PowerPoint slideshow to present his ideas. He can also upload the presentation in sharing sites like SlideShare to obtain more organic traffic to his blog. Remember to give the sellers sufficient information of creating the PowerPoint presentation before you order the Fiverr gig.


10. Infographics

Promoting a business by infographics has become a popular these days. A stunning infographic with a successful social network campaign can generate lots of organic traffic to your blog or website. If it manages to go viral, you can’t even imagine how great the positive impact will be on your business. Your website will get lots of backlinks in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). People always love visual content.

Even if the infographics can’t go viral, they can still act as an innovative and engaging way to promote your brand and tell the targeted audience more about your company or blog. Utilizing social network like Pinterest and other infographic submission sites can help a lot in this content marketing. Approach sellers who design clean, clear and organized infographics with the use of original images on Fiverr. Be careful the images may be illegally stolen from the Internet without proper credit, which may be a big problem if your infographics are going to be shown in the public. Always ask the designers about the sources of the images.

T-shirt Design

11. T-shirt Design

Well, T-shirt design has been trending nowadays. You can find a lot of top quality T-shirt designers on Fiverr. Some people want a T-shirt for their company, while some would like to earn money by selling T-shirts through sites like Teespring. Either way you’ll still need a captivating T-shirt design for your promotional campaigns to succeed.

Besides observing the designers’ portfolios to choose the best style, you’re also advised to pay attention to the file formats the seller provides. Some T-shirt printing company may need a vector file like EPS for high quality printing. Do contact the seller beforehand.

Photoshop Editing

12. Photoshop Editing

Have photographed some images for the next promotional campaign but not quite satisfied with the photos? Here on Fiverr you can find many Photoshop masters providing relevant gigs. There actually infinite possibilities of editing in Photoshop. You shall tell the seller clearly about the photo effects you want to achieve.

For example, do you need retouching, removing the photo background, or adjusting the brightness and contrast? Some sellers may even possess top level editing skills involving professional techniques like photo manipulation (turning a man into a human torch, putting the characters into a dream-like world, etc…). Research and check the sellers’ portfolios to see what exactly they are capable of doing.


13. Copywriting

Do you know why the promotions of Apple’s new iProducts are always so successful? Magnetic, mesmerizing sales copy plays a great role in the efforts of advertising and marketing. Sellers offering relevant Fiverr gigs are mostly skilled writers who know how to make your product or service stand out by writing good copy.

You shall provide the seller with details so he can understand what to include in the copy. Some gigs that write headlines or letters also fall into this category. Good copy is definitely the key to profitable results. Find a reliable writers on Fiverr to help you out.

Website Content

14. Website Content

High quality website content is the best sure-fire way in SEO and retaining your existing customers. If you want to rank your website for certain keywords, you’ll need top quality articles which are properly optimized for SEO (NOT over-optimized). I once hired an Indian writer on Fiverr to write a 700-word article for me. The article is generally well written with optimized keywords. After adding my own thoughts and editing, the article now ranks in the page 1 of Google for certain keywords like “professionals hate Fiverr” and “logo designers hate Fiverr”.

There are several reminders when considering purchasing these gigs. You should possess the full rights to the article. Ask the seller about it if it’s unclear in the gig description. Beware of spun articles – those are automatically generated by bot, poorly written articles. Ask the sellers for samples before you buy the gig. Stress the importance of grammar and originality of the articles. Remember to check the article with plagiarism checker after the seller delivers it. Copy and paste the text to the checker instead of directly checking the word document, as there may be sellers who use encrypted articles to bypass the mechanism.

Proofreading and Editing

15. Proofreading and Editing

Sometimes you’ll need to write articles yourself, but you may make mistakes if you’re not careful enough or not proficient in the language you’re using. Proofreading and editing gigs on Fiverr are useful in this case. If you’re writing an English article, I’d recommend consulting sellers from countries using English as their mother tongue, like the United States and the UK. Sellers from these regions not only know how to correct grammatical mistake, they also understand well the habitual use of English and know how to edit the documents to make it look more natural (that’s more than proofreading – it’s polishing).

Don’t ever think that the spell checker in Word is already enough. You’ll need to either proofread the article yourself or by others. Sometimes you’ll miss out some careless mistakes, and these trivial mistakes may ruin the overall impression. Proofreaders also play a role in enhancing the readability of the articles. Do observe the gig description of related sellers. It’s common sense not to purchase a proofreading gig if the description contains a single mistake.


16. Translation

Still using Google Translate? It may work for a short phrase or sentence, but definitely for an entire article. It is best for you to consult sellers here if you’re looking for a more affordable and economical solution. Of course it’ll be good if you at least have some knowledge about the language the article is going to be translated to, so you’ll know whether the seller has done a great job.

But often that’s not the case. Then you’ll need to take notice of the seller’s profile and gig description to determine whether he is proficient in both languages involved in the translation. It’s good for you to send the translated article to your foreign friend to read it, if you’ve got one. Not every Fiverr seller is professional, so you’ll need to spend extra efforts to ensure the service quality received.


17. Transcription

Transcribing an audio or video to texts is probably one of the most time-wasting activities. There may be a time you’ll need to transcribe something, be it recording and reporting on a meeting, or post-interview work. It may take ages to type out all the words without any mistakes. You will need to rewind the audio repeatedly to get the job perfectly done. Now you can send this troublesome job over to the expert transcribers on Fiverr.

Before you order the gig, make sure you know well about the pricing. Is it based on the number of words, or the time of the speech? Does the seller state that he takes grammar and punctuation serious? Do you need any time marks added to the transcript? IS the seller proficient in the accent of the audio to be transcribed? All these need to be considered before you place an order.

Landing Page

18. Landing Page

Landing pages, or called lead capture pages, play a great role in online businesses nowadays. Before you attempt to ask sellers to create a landing page, you should check whether you already have good sales copy for the seller to incorporate into the landing page. Nobody will like a spammy landing page with poor graphics and clip-arts. I’ll steer away if it looks suspicious or poorly designed at first sight.

Landing pages are important for converting your site visitors to leads (such as signups and subscriptions) or sales. In order to attract more potential customers and let them be confident in your businesses, you’ll need a clean, professional, organized landing page, which is to the point, without any nonsense. A good design can definitely increase the click-through rate and conversion rate. You could also find sellers here to design a specific landing page called “squeeze page”, which collects opt-in email addresses from potential subscribers. Remember, a well-designed landing page will make the call-to-action natural and appealing, instead of over-promotional and forced.


19. Commercials

Everybody loves visual content, especially interesting videos like commercials. To compete with your competitors, you definitely need some attractive video elements to intrigue your website visitors. Even if you’re not going to broadcast a commercial on TV due to limited budget, you can still use commercials in your homepage or on YouTube for online marketing.

On Fiverr, you’ll encounter many types of gigs related to commercials. To maintain the uniqueness of your brand, I suggest you choose sellers offering speed drawing, whiteboard, or real spokesperson commercials. Avoid sellers who use stock templates, even if they look decent. You don’t want to have a template video in exactly the same style as your competitor who also bought the gig, do you? Finding gigs which stress originality and uniqueness is the best tip for the “commercials” category.

Video Testimonials and Reviews

20. Video Testimonials and Reviews

To establish trust in your potential customers, you’ll need testimonials and reviews. A video testimonial looks much more reliable and appealing than words and quotes. Sometimes when you just kick start your website, you don’t have many reviews. Though it may not be ethically right to buy a video review, it may be a nice short cut to establish a good first impression and promote your business (of course what you’re offering needs to match what the testimonial is saying, otherwise you’ll only suffer when real customers come).

Remember to give the seller as many details as needed. Also understand what the seller needs by reading the gig description carefully. You can’t expect a good testimonial or review if the seller isn’t familiar with the product or service you’re going to promote. Some sellers also provide options like the attire, mood and environment. Check them out if you have a specific need.

Voice Over

21. Voice Over

Voice over is a top category on Fiverr, which is already flooded with lots of sellers. It is crucial to have a good voice over if you’re promoting your businesses with animation, or a radio ad. As there are really too many voice talents, you need to choose them carefully to cater to your own need. Do you need a male or female voice? What is your target audience, and how should the accent sound? Do you want to have a voice over impersonating celebrities? Do you want the voice to be similar to a horserace commentator? All these are possible as long as you do a thorough search.

Remember to check the specifications in the gig description. How many words will the seller record for $5? Can the seller record in a speed that you prefer? Is there an option or extra that the seller will write a script for you? Are there any samples for you to listen to? Samples are important. You can either discover them in a SoundCloud link in the gig description, or browse around the Live Portfolio. No matter how nice the gig description is, the samples speak for all.

Web Programming

22. Web Programming

I’m not a programmer, so I’m not so familiar with it. But from my experience and common sense, programmers are always professional people. They must possess professional and specific knowledge about the programme before offering such gigs on Fiverr. It’s a prerequisite, so the reliability is already high in this category. There are various programming languages and website platforms, like Javascript, JQuery, CSS, MySQL, php, WordPress… All depend on the website you’re developing.

There may be a time a website builder or template can’t achieve what you expect. Then you’ll need customized codes from programming experts. There may also be a time you encounter bugs in your website, and you have no clues how it happened. Rather than searching for solutions online, you can now consult a professional to fix you website. But there is a very important thing you should bear in mind before ordering these gigs. You should never give the full administrator rights or passwords to the seller. Try searching on the Internet first how to control others’ rights to your website. Is a limited author account available? This is crucial as there may be bad sellers who may sabotage and threaten your website if he couldn’t get a good review and rating.

User Testing

23. User Testing

User testing gigs are particularly useful for websites and apps. A mobile app definitely needs beta testing before being rolled out. For websites, it’ll be smart of you to improve the user interface over time. With Fiverr sellers providing opinions and advice, you’ll be noticed of something you’ve never thought of. There may be some functions in your website which are not quite user-friendly, or not rendered well in a mobile platform. Is the structure and organization confusing to users? All these might be ignored by you, but not quite for an outsider.

There are user testing gigs for almost all platforms and devices. There are website testing, app testing and software testing on Windows PCs, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, Android tablets and many more. Check out the gig description to see what you can get. A recording pointing out problems is more interactive and useful compared with a typed list, in my opinion. You can often discover hidden problems concerning website design, layout, colour scheme, structure and organization, and typesetting. Of course it’s always best to consult a seller who is “brutally honest”!

Business Advice

24. Business Advice

Business advice is very useful when you’re planning your business. Of course you don’t need that if you’re confident in yourself, and have already had a clear, organized future plan of your business. But if you’re unsure, it’s good to listen to other opinions. Some sellers provide text-based advice with business research, while some may provide one-to-one advice session on a real-time video chat platform like Skype. Normally Fiverr won’t allow external contact, but if the seller has particularly stated that the advice can be delivered on Skype, that means he already has the permission from Fiverr.

Take this opportunity to plan for your business. Though the business advice can be quite subjective, it can act as reference. Check the seller’s profile and gig description to see if he or she is capable of giving valuable business advice. It’d be a plus if the seller is familiar with the niche, like E-commerce, Internet marketing, SEO, design or anything else. Contact the seller beforehand to predict whether he is able to provide related advice. For example, if you’re expanding your business to China, but you’re asking a seller who knows nothing about Asian businesses for advice, it’s definitely not worth it.

Virtual Assistant

25. Virtual Assistant

You often hear about “virtual assistants”, but what exactly do they do? Typically, a VA can almost do anything which is considered miscellaneous. Data entry, editing office documents, typing, web research, copying and pasting, and data conversion can be really tiresome and troublesome, wasting you a lot of valuable time.

Sellers providing VA services often calculate the price by the hours of working. Do contact them about the details of the jobs you’re offering beforehand. You know, the work shall be unique for every different company and it’s good to let the seller understand what you truly need before you casually place an order.

Tips for finding the best Fiverr gigs

Tips for finding the best Fiverr gigs

Here comes a list of general tips and tricks to help you find the best Fiverr gigs, sellers and customer service. Follow these small tips to help you acquire the best service, prevent misunderstanding and avoid scams. 

Don’t over-expect a $5 gig without paying for extras

$5 is already a bargain for most people. You cannot expect a $5 gig to provide you with the quality and quantity of something worth $500. Be reasonable to the sellers. Don’t ever be abusive. You’ll only get into arguments and troubles with the seller and Customer Support if you’re abusing and threatening the sellers to offer you much more than the amount you purchase. Buying extras and giving tips to sellers are good ways in doing businesses on Fiverr.

Pay attention to the estimated time of delivery

If you’re working to a tight deadline, you’d better watch for the average delivery time in the gig page. Estimate the probable time of delivery before you place an order. You may need to pay for Extra Fast option if you want the job to be done in priority.

Read the gig description carefully

The gig description provides you with all the details you’ll need to know about before ordering a gig. For example, some logo designers (like me!) will offer free drafting before you order, so you can be satisfied with the draft before you order the final delivery. Some sellers offer money-back guarantee, so they’ll refund you (in form of Fiverr credits only) if you’re not satisfied with their work. Details include number of revisions, what information you’ll need to give the seller, extras, and many others. Do read the description in detail before you contact the seller for clarification.

Contact the sellers first

There is a contact button in the gig page as well as the seller profile. Contact the sellers for clarification and estimated turnaround time. Some sellers may deliver faster than the time they claim, which depends on the workload they have recently. If the seller provides free drafting before you order, of course you shall contact him for a draft. Be sure to read the description to see if any of your questions are already answered. Sellers don’t like to explain all over again, so you probably need to spend some time getting familiar with the gig to smooth the process a little bit.

Do some thorough window shopping first

Don’t just immediately order the first seller you see. You can add the potential gigs to your “favourites” list, so you can compare them one by one. Observe the work samples, Live Portfolio, and the reviews by other buyers. Is there any negative review that the seller doesn’t respond to well? Are the description clear without lots of grammar mistakes (especially if you’re purchasing article writing gigs)? There are lots of things you need to consider before you casually place an order. All these help increase the chance of having a good experience and service.

Answer messages, Rate and Review

Buyers love responsiveness. So do sellers. Sellers would be more engaged in your potential job offer if you respond to their messages more quickly. Also, ratings and reviews are the things sellers rely on. Do rate and review if the seller does a good job. Buyers who are considerate and have the habit of leaving 5-star rating and positive reviews will be welcome by other sellers if they plan to buy more than one gigs from different sellers. You may even get some bonus extras from some sellers, though not always.

No short-cuts in marketing

Never get fake things done that will be shown in other public networks, be it fake written reviews in Amazon, Kindle, Yelp, or fake followers, subscribers, likes, shares, views, comments, favourites on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit. One thing is that you’ll probably be scammed and suffer. Another thing is that the review companies or social networking sites have mechanisms to detect fake stuff, and your account will surely suffer, and likely to be banned. The scariest thing is that if you find out the seller is a scammer, and leave a bad review or request a refund, he probably will sabotage your social network accounts by manipulating dislikes and negative comments. Be extremely cautious. Do have second thoughts before you do anything silly.

Be careful with personal details

Fiverr’s term of service states that you must not give any other ways of contact to the sellers outside Fiverr. This not only protect your personal information, but also protect you from being scammed. Fiverr has its own system to protect both sellers and buyers in a reasonable way. Don’t give away your personal details, otherwise you may risk having your Fiverr account banned.

Now, you have a rough idea how to spot better services and sellers. The best thing about it is that you only lose $5 if you are so unlucky that you buy from a bad seller. There may also be a chance you can get a refund (in form of Fiverr credits but not real money) to purchase others’ gigs.

You may wonder why I haven’t included most of the SEO-related, online marketing, written reviews, social marketing, backlinks, website traffic and advertising Fiverr gigs. I simply do not include or recommend them as there are too many pitfalls and scams in these categories. Most of them don’t really work. The proportion of honest sellers in these categories is surprisingly small. You can know more about them in this article “Bad or useless Fiverr gigs you should be careful with or avoid” (Not yet written. Do bookmark my site if you’d like to get updated with tips on using Fiverr. I’ll include this article once I have time to finish it.)

Have you ever used Fiverr?

Have you ever used Fiverr?

Have you ever had any interesting or successful experience in using Fiverr for your blog, website, business, or company? Do you think Fiverr is a comparatively reliable microsourcing marketplace? You’re welcome to leave a comment below and share your thoughts.


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