How to decide the best Fiverr gigs to offer

Fiverr Sellers' Tip and Tricks: Road to Success

In this series, I’ll bring you into a complete list of wonderful Fiverr sellers’ tips and tricks, which guide you through the road to success on Fiverr.

“Hey, I’ve heard from others that some people are earning hundreds, or even thousands a month. Is that even possible?” Yes, that’s absolutely true, but I must emphasize only some of them are that good. I’m still learning from their success.

Despite the fact that some scammers, especially in the SEO and social marketing categories, are doing exceptionally well on Fiverr, you won’t succeed doing the same. It is temporarily turning a blind eye on them, as having such profits won’t hurt it in the long run. It, however, is rather strict on preventing new sellers from providing illegitimate services.

“How do I make money on Fiverr?” There is no quick way to success on Fiverr. You must build your Fiverr business slowly and steadily, with time and efforts. However, there are some great tips and tricks that can help you better manage your gig businesses.

Yes, it’s a long list, but it’s worth it. Here comes the list of best tips for Fiverr sellers:

What Fiverr Gigs to Offer

What Gigs should I Offer

1. Be Unique and Original:

There are millions gigs on Fiverr, and it’s rather difficult to have a place to be seen. One quick yet not so difficult way to get your gigs spotted is to provide something different, something exceptional, something people can’t think of. Logo design, SEO, online marketing, article writing - all these are somewhat saturated categories. Some Fiverr sellers have succeeded in creating wonderfully unique gigs, like flying a drone with your sign on it, doing voice over with a weird accent, painting a logo on their body or performing silly acts. You could learn from them. You must be creative to come up with some extraordinary ideas. Fiverr loves featuring unusual gigs too!
Stand out from the crowd

2. Be Professional

If you’re providing ordinary gigs like logo design, article writing, you must be the best of the best to stand out from the crowd. Offer high quality services, train yourself to do great things within a short time. Take logo design as an example, there are too many sellers using logo templates that the customers can’t have them copyrighted. There are amateur designers creating poor logos that contribute nothing to a new brand. You should learn from professionals, on Fiverr or elsewhere (like LogoPond, Dribbble in the example of logo design), to know the so-called “professional” quality. Your gigs will be buried if the quality of your services is not high enough.
Be Professional

3. Be Honest

Don’t be fooled by the seeming success of the scammers here on Fiverr. They joined Fiverr a long time ago, and built up a “good” reputation by countless reviews from ignorant buyers. Fiverr even helps delete their negative reviews. You should be honest sellering legit services, especially if you’re planning to offer SEO or social marketing services. Don’t use bots to generate traffic, fake likes and fake views. Don’t use fake Facebook, Twitter accounts to provide fake promotion. Don’t use software, or even manually, to build useless inorganic backlinks which make negative SEO impact on a website. Your lies will eventually be revealed. Buyers nowadays are smarter, after they visit the Fiverr forum and even my other tips on my website. Just bear in mind - trust is always the key to businesses’ success.
Be honest

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