When Things are Wrong

Fiverr No Orders Sales

When Things are Wrong

1. No sales at all

There are tons of possible reasons why you’re not getting sales. You may get very few views and clicks, and this probably mean that the first impression of your gig shown in the search results is not attractive enough - that is the title and the main gig image. But if you have enough views and clicks but no orders, that means problems occur after the customers know more about your gig. Maybe your description is not clear and detailed enough, you’re hiding your live portfolio, you’re providing services at a comparatively poor quality expected from the buyers, or you’re not providing a basic service of $5. You need to make your gigs believable, and should not leave doubt in buyers’ mind. Your gig quality should match what you’re describing. Don’t use stock phrases like “I have more than 10 years of experience. I hold a master degree in English....”. Such description doesn’t sound quite legit to buyers, even if it’s real (mostly not…). Focus on describing your services and the way you provide your services. Don’t over promote yourselfs. Besides, there must be a time in a year there are fewer sales for every buyer - so, be patient and don’t just complain.

2. Pay Attention to your Account Security

I think no one would like their hard-earned money stolen by some hackers, right? Safety first. Keep your account more secure and safe by setting a strong password, and connecting to Facebook and Google+. These measures can greatly protect your Fiverr account from potential hackers, and also give your profile 100% completeness. Buyers will be more confident to buy your gigs if they ever check out your profile and see it’s complete with verification of Facebook and Google+. Besides, keep yourself aware of the common phishing and scamming techniques used by hackers. Don’t open strange email attachment. Don’t type any of your sign-in details in the link sent to you in messages. There was once a case that a pretending buyer sent a phishing site looking exactly like Fiverr to a seller. And the seller unfortunately fell into the trap, and lost all of his hard-earned money. So, stay safe.

3. Experimenting and Changing

Even Obama told you that changes are sometimes necessary - change we can believe in. When your sales are low, why not try experimenting with a different main gig image, a different price for extras or a free gift? Changing your tags may also pose a great effect. There infinite ideas for changes. Polishing your gig description, creating various new gigs, altering your gig duration time - all these are possible acts to make your gigs better. When you find out something that works, jot it down and try it with some of your other gigs. Keep changing, as the market is also ever-changing. Otherwise, you’re always several steps behind the current trend.

4. Interacting with others in Fiverr Forum

Fiverr forum may not be a good place to promote your gigs, but it’s absolutely a good place to learn things. Interact with other sellers and buyers and learn from them. From time to time, there will be insightful and thought-provoking posts about selling and buying on Fiverr. You can definitely gain more new knowledge and help you along the path to success. If you’ve got any questions that you couldn’t find by searching the Fiverr forum, you’re surely welcome to ask others’ opinions on the forum to help you solve your problems.

5. Ask for Fiverr Support, and Respect them

Awful things are inevitable in your Fiverr business, unless you’re really a lucky star. Maybe a buyer will leave an unreasonable negative review, or you will encounter some troublesome buyers, or even you will see some bugs in your gigs. Unavoidably, you need to contact Fiverr customer support to solve your problems. Be extremely polite when asking for support, as it will determine your life and death on Fiverr (just kidding). There may be chances that you’re unsatisfied with the solution from the support, but there is no way you can override it. Showing some respect when asking for support can surely increase the chance to receive a pleasant solution to your problems.

6. Work-life balance is important

Of course every buyer would love to see their orders being delivered in a short time, but that’s virtually impossible. You need to manage your time well, no matter you’re treating Fiverr as a full-time or freelance job. Don’t get stressed out by having too many or too few orders. Find ways to solve it but be patient. Besides, go to sleep when you’re tired. Sometime you may receive an order email just before you go to bed. Don’t rush it past your bedtime. Tell your buyers it’s already sleeping hours (in your time zone, if the buyer is from a different country), and you’ll start the work the next day. Buyers will understand a quality work needs time and concentration. Struggling to finish an order after the midnight is doing harm on both the work quality and you yourself. 

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