How to Find the Perfect Fiverr Proofreading Gig

How to Find the Perfect Fiverr Proofreading Gig

Whether it's a resume, brochure, ebook or academic paper, it's always a good idea to get a second pair of eyes to proofread it.  Even if you have read through it yourself, you may have missed out an error that, to other readers, is blindingly obvious!  Through Fiverr, you can now find proofreading gigs, where people like me will do just that for you.  You can hire people to look through your document for various sorts of mistakes, from grammar errors to readability issues.  The issue is how to find the great proofreader you need for your document, and this issue is exacerbated by the vast amount of choice you have, with proofreaders from around the globe willing to work for you.  This article will discuss the things to do to find a good proofreader for you on Fiverr.

Hire a New seller on Fiverr?

The first thing you should figure out is whether you want to hire a new seller, by which I mean a seller with no sales whatsoever.  Some people say that this is a great idea for two reasons:
1) You get to give a new seller a chance and you kickstart their Fiverr career
2) They are far more dependent on your positive feedback and so will often go the extra mile to deliver a great service for you

Whilst these statements are both true, the issue with this is obvious: when you order from a new seller, you have no idea how good or bad they will be, and if you need that document proofread well, are you really willing to take chances?  If you do decide to go down this route anyway, please make sure you are not one of those awful, exploitative buyers who takes advantage of a new seller's vulnerable position and tries to make them do far more than they are offering.

Hire a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr?

Many also state the inverse – that you should only hire Top Rated Sellers – for the following reasons:
1) They have had a great deal of experience
2) They have been hand-picked by Fiverr, so their work must be good
3) Because of the two above reasons, you know what you are getting

On the other hand, I do not feel that it is always best to buy from these sellers, as they often charge steeper rates than newer sellers (level 1 sellers, level 2 sellers, etc.) and your order means far less to them, due to the sheer volume of orders they have.

Hire Level 1 or Level 2 Sellers on Fiverr

Therefore, I would suggest going in the middle and hiring a level 1 or level 2 seller, as they have had a reasonable amount of experience and positive feedback, and yet will still care about your order and give you proofreading services at a reasonable rate.

Observe Sellers Reviews Profile and Gig Description.jpg

The second thing that you should look at is the seller's reviews. Whilst the Fiverr review system does have flaws, it is still a good idea to dismiss sellers with ratings of less than 90% or so.

Another thing you need to look at is this seller as a person; do they seem honest, hardworking and good at what they do?  For example, is their profile page littered with grammar mistakes?  If this is the case, do you really want to trust them with your proofreading?  Whilst their personality may be hard to tell just by looking at their profile, it is still worth a check.  Look at the individual comments on the feedback; whilst many will be generic, there are often some really insightful comments that show the seller's qualities from people who have already bought their service.  Furthermore, if you see a large number of reviews from the same customer, it is often a sign that they are a repeat customer, which means they really loved the seller's performance.

Finally, and obviously, it is important to look at what the seller says they will do.  It is normally a good sign if they tell you exactly what they plan on doing with your document, as vague sellers have more room for telling you, once you have ordered, that a large number of the features you want are not covered by a single gig, and this can be exasperating.  On the other hand, if the seller offers something that just seems ridiculously excessive – e.g. proofreading your 10,000 word document for $5 – it is worth thinking twice about if this is really going to be good quality.

How about me?

Whilst many of these tips could apply to all of Fiverr, proofreading in particular is an area of high demand – and supply – and so you should be particularly careful, so as to choose the best seller you can.  I am an experienced, yet fairly new Fiverr seller and I have many, many positive reviews, including a large amount from a Top Rated Proofreader, who frequently outsources to me.  I am reliable and easily contactable, with a very fast average response time and a 100% positive rating.  I am hardworking and honest, and I would love to work with you!  If you order from me, you can rest assured that you will receive fast, quality service from a trustworthy seller at a reasonable price.  Simply order my gig, with the promotional code 'textlogodesign' – just message it to me with your order details – and get an extra 15% free!

About the author:
Peter - or petrus99 on Fiverr, is a native English speaker with professional experience in proofreading and in English tuition for students around the world. He is offering thorough proofreading services at a very reasonable rate. Visit his Fiverr proofreading gig page for more information. If you have any questions about this post or about his services, you could contact him via his Fiverr profile.


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