Maintain Good Customer Service

Fiverr Tips Customer Service

Maintain Good Customer Service

1. Be Nice and Friendly

Yes, this sounds cliched, yet it’s the key to building up a good reputation. I must admit there may be demanding and troublesome buyers, who want extra things done for an unrealistically small amount of money. But you can’t avoid that. Be patient, be considerate, be polite. Be nice towards your customers and the process would be much smoother. This avoids misunderstanding, arguments, and helps increase the chance of getting 5-star feedback from your customers. Sometimes you may need to request a mutual cancellation if you encounter unreasonable customers. Remember, stay nice and friendly all the time. Just don’t ask help from Fiverr Support unless it’s a really big one. Always try to settle the issue between you and the buyer. After all, your success, or say, your life on Fiverr, depends on positive feedback and repeat buyers.
Be Nice and friendly

2. Deliver as Fast as Possible

Every single one of your customer will want to be your top priority. They want to get their services as soon as possible. I’m not encouraging you to set your gig duration to 1 day. It helps, but only if you can actually do that. Buyers can cancel their orders straightforwardly without any reason, and this hurts your rating a lot. You must give yourself some buffer - there are cases that buyers are not responsive, sellers are sick or need to deal with some urgency, or the actual time for you to work becomes much less due to time zone difference (unless you don’t need to sleep @_@). By “delivering as fast as possible”, you can deliver in one day when you set the duration to two, or in two days when you set it to four, so forth and so on. Giving the customers a feeling that you care about their orders, updating the work progress with them regularly can surely increase your chance of getting good rating and reviews.
Fiverr Fast Delivery

3. Understand buyers’ requirements before you start working

There is a “request for modification” button for buyers, and they won’t think twice before pressing it if they think your delivery is unsatisfactory. I’d rather make sure I meet sellers’ expectations before I deliver. You can ask for clarifications as many times as needed, just to make sure you understand the buyer’s requirement. Such interaction doesn’t only prevent misunderstanding, but also give buyers an impression that you’re paying attention, and are working hard on it, not just brushing them off.
Understand Requirements

4. Positive Reviews are Gems

Positive reviews are indeed diamonds of your Fiverr career. Your level, your gig’s ranking, and the attractiveness of your gigs are all determined by the number and rating of positive reviews. You must do anything possible to get a 5-star review, and avoid negative reviews. Yes, you may lose potential income in cancellation of orders, but risking all your efforts put in your Fiverr career with negative reviews isn’t worth it. Do politely ask to be rated and reviewed in your note of delivery, and explain to the buyers the importance of positive reviews to a seller. Many buyers nowadays just get what they want without leaving any feedback. A little reminder, or even some extra gifts will certainly help.
Fiverr Positive Reviews

5. Replying to Positive Reviews is Important

When you go to Amazon and eBay, what do you look at to determine the quality of the products? Yes, reviews. Now you know that positive reviews are important, so why is your reply to the reviews also important? Your reviews will be the first thing buyers consider when ordering your gig, and how you respond to the reviews  is all in the buyers’ eyes. First thing, you need to reply to them. Don’t just leave them ignored. It’s already lucky for a buyer to leave a review for you. If you reply each of the positive reviews uniquely, patiently with gratitude, instead of using the stock phrase “Outstanding Experience!” when you just rate the buyer 5 stars and type nothing in the review box, the buyers will have an impression that you care about each and every one of your customers. They’d definitely love a seller providing good customer care.
Reply to Fiverr Reviews

6. Manipulate Fake Reviews? Be careful.

It’s not ethically wrong to ask your friends and relatives to order from you, and I really encourage that for a new seller to bump up some positive reviews. Even sometimes you need to pay them to do so (in the process you’ll lose $1, as you earn $4 for every $5), The problem is that your service quality must match the positive reviews. It’ll bring disastrous effect if the reviews are giving the buyers you don’t personally know a false impression of your gig quality. They have a high expectation but in turn they get poor services. Either you refund them or suffer a negative review. Even worse, there are some so-called secret tips telling you to create multiple accounts by using proxies (i.e. different IP addresses). You can order from yourself and create fake positive reviews (you still lose $1 for every order). First, Fiverr may detect suspicious activities and your accounts may be banned, with increased chance of being banned if you’re using the same PayPal account to handle the transactions. Second, it’s still the problem of quality match. Unless you’re sure you can provide really quality work, you’ll encounter troubles when you receive real orders.
Are the Fiverr reviews legit?

7. Be Realistic

There are sellers making thousands a month on Fiverr, but always remind yourselves, they’re only rare examples. You must realize the tense competition within different categories and it’s really hard for you to get a place. Getting several orders is already a very good sign of your management. There are many sellers whose gigs have sunk into the bottom of the sea, without getting a single order. So, be realistic. If you know that your service quality isn’t that good, you’d better not dream high. Keep on improving, promoting and learning. Rome wasn't built in a day. Besides, even Fiverr often advertises itself as a platform for sellers to earn extra money in a freelance style. Not many can take it as a full-time job. Maybe you can’t buy a house from what you earn, but it can actually give you a buffet with family, some books, a new laptop, a new iPad and help you pay bills. 
Be Realistic

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