Is selling videos of VideoHive templates on Fiverr legal?

Is selling videos of VideoHive templates on Fiverr legal?

If you want a simple answer - it's a big NO.

In this article, we'll address some of the most frequently asked questions about selling and buying customized videos of VideoHive templates (usually After Effects templates) on Fiverr.

Where are those Fiverr gigs selling VideoHive customized videos commonly found? 
In the "Intros" section under "Video & Animation" of Fiverr categories. 

I'm a seller. Can I sell customized videos of VideoHive templates that I download from pirate sites? 
No. That's a blatant copyright infringement.

I'm a seller. I bought a VideoHive template. Can I use it for my Fiverr gigs so I can sell customized videos for more than one client?
No, it's against the license terms and is still a copyright infringement. There is not a resale license offered on VideoHive. According to Envato's Videohive FAQs, you would need one license per unique end product and for each different client.

I'm a seller. How can I legally use VideoHive templates to sell customized videos
Buy a license of the template for EACH of your client. I doubt you'll make any profits with Fiverr's starting price of $5. It's obvious those sellers on Fiverr selling customized videos at a price below the original license price on VideoHive are illegally exploiting the license, and infringing copyrights. In short, all are rip-offs.

I'm a seller. Can I provide services of customizing VideoHive templates? 
Yes, provided that your client gives you the project files with a legitimately purchased license.  

I'm a buyer. Can I buy customized videos of VideoHive templates? 
Yes, provided that either the seller or you have purchased a new license of the template. Buying the $5 video without having a proper license is illegal, which risks your company being filed a copyright complaint if you're going to show the video in the public.

What's Fiverr stance on this issue? 
Fiverr is completely passive in dealing with copyright infringements according to their TOS. It will only take actions after the original creator files a DMCA form to it, or a third-party issues a complaint over it.

I'm a seller. What are the consequences if my gigs are reported as I'm using the templates in an improper way?
Mild one is having your gigs deleted. Or it can be more serious that your whole account will be banned, and all your reviews, rating, and your efforts put in your Fiverr business will be ruined.

I'm the original template creator on VideoHive. How can I report the gigs which illegally steal my templates? 
You'll need to file a DMCA takedown notice to Fiverr. More details can be found in this Fiverr help page. 

I'm the original template creator on Videohive. The DMCA notice is really complicated. Is there a more convenient way to get justice down? 
Yes. Sumbit a request to EnvatoMarket Help. Choose "Copyright and Trademark" and then "I have a copyright concern" in the "Let's get specific" section. Fill in the form step by step and provide URLs to your template and the suspected Fiverr gigs. The gigs will often be taken down in a week.

I'm just a guy who despises pirates on Fiverr. Can I help in any way? 
Yes. You can follow the above steps to take down relevant Fiverr gigs as long as you can provide the links to the templates and the gigs. You can even utilize Google Image Reverse Search or search for relevant keywords on VideoHive to actively seek suspicious template thieves. You may choose to target those Top Rated Sellers or Level 2 Sellers first so you can pose a larger warning effect.

Will Fiverr listen to Envato's complaints? 
Yes. Fiverr takes it serious when it involves a third-party complaint from a big company. Gigs with over several hundreds of sales from top rated sellers have been taken down with Envato's support.

Request Letter Template:

Copyright and license concern about Fiverr sellers


Dear Envato Help Team,

I would like to report some Fiverr sellers who are selling customized videos of Videohive templates without possessing proper licenses.

According to Envato's VideoHive FAQs,
Q: Can I use a template to create multiple customized rendered videos for different clients?
A: You would need one license per unique end product and for each different client.

In other words, Fiverr sellers can customize the template for their customers, but for each customization they will need to purchase a new license. It is obvious those sellers are exploiting the licenses as they are selling the videos at a much lower price (starting from $5) than the original price of the template on VideoHive.

No actions have been taken by Fiverr. It is unfair to regular Envato users. I sincerely hope Envato can help crack down on those Fiverr gigs, so the responsible Envato users can be fairly treated.

Please refer to the following URLs for the suspected Fiverr gigs which are infringing the license terms.

Fiverr gig: _____________________________________
  VideoHive template: _____________________________

Fiverr gig: _____________________________________
  VideoHive template: _____________________________

Fiverr gig: _____________________________________
  VideoHive template: _____________________________

Actually Fiverr is still flooded with similar kinds of sellers, but taking down some of them, especially the top sellers, can pose a warning impact to other sellers, hopefully.

I look forward to your favorable reply. Thanks very much.


  1. This article is surely a must-read for all Fiverr sellers and buyers, as well as VideoHive creators. I'm a VideoHive seller and I really hate to see those pirates stealing our efforts. As I know, Fiverr has changed its policy over the years and it takes copyrights much more serious now. I really hope Envato and all VideoHive creators can hunt all these pirates down. I'd be amazed to see those top rated sellers on Fiverr crying and moaning. Ha! Really thanks for this informative article. I'm gonna hunt somebody on Fiverr down now!

    1. You're welcome. It's glad to hear Fiverr has improved in terms of handling copyright complaints. Good luck in your VideoHive business!

  2. But enviato has a resale option, is this not valid?

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