Avoid Website Traffic Scams on Fiverr - Revealing Sellers' Dirty Tricks

Avoid Website Traffic Scam on Fiverr

These tips are based on personal experience and opinions from lots of buyers. They are worth pondering before you purchase any gigs related to getting website traffic. If you’re willing to spend meaningless money on some fake or useless traffic, of course I won’t care about it. Don’t be tricked by thousands of positive reviews from Top Rated Sellers. Those reviews are accumulated by ignorant buyers - or you may be the next one.

Examples of such Fiverr gigs: (Wordings may not be exactly the same)

► I will drive real human social web traffic for 30 days
► I will drive UNLIMITED genuine real traffic to your website for one month
► I will deliver keyword targeted UNLIMITED search traffic for 2 Months
► I will drive Super TARGETED Visitors to your Website
► I will 10000 Real Google Search Engine Visitors To Website Full Seo TRAFFIC Over 60 Day
► I will deliver 2 months of Safe Unique Google Traffic
► ...

Reason why you should NEVER purchase traffic generating gigs on Fiverr:

1. Common Sense

Purchasing traffic by any means, especially here on Fiverr, won't do any good to your product sales, signups, or other conversions. Doing a little research beforehand will surely help. Just imagine, if people can increase sales by buying "REAL traffic", why are there proper advertising services like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Bing Ads and BuySellAds? Do you really think that for such a small amount of money, you will be getting useful, real, targeted, incentivized human traffic? Of course not. I’m sure all these big corporations will soon shut down all their advertising services if you’re getting good results with such a cheap price on Fiverr.

2. Fake Bot Traffic

It’s extremely easy to obtain a fake traffic generating bot on the Internet. Even you yourself can do so with a little research. There are numerous ways of generating fake traffic, and I'll only show one example here. The most popular one would be the Kiss of The Dragon (KOTD) software method. Such method is actually using a translated traffic bot called JingLing made by the Chinese. I know Chinese, so I even got the original Chinese version in hand and tested it out. Extremely easy to use. Controlling the location, period, duration, number, browsers, operating systems, sources and other characteristics of the fake visitors has never been easier. It can even simulate patterns of real traffic if the seller knows a bit more about true human traffic and learns to customize it. It even has "AdSense Safe" mode to simulate AdSense clicks. Really safe? I don't think so. Dirty tricks, huh?

3. Social Exchange Traffic

What people call "high quality and targeted" traffic is probably social exchanges like AddMeFast, Like4Like, LikesPlanet, Hit4Hit, SocialBirth and Hitleap. Sellers get credits by auto-surfing others' websites in several virtual machines in their computer, then in turn the credits can be used to get traffic. Targeted? Of course. Such exchange platform can easily customize the time, duration, location of the visitors (other people using the same social exchange service). Incentivized? Of course. But not incentivized for your product - they're incentivized to gain more credits by browsing aimlessly or auto-surfing software, so they can get more traffic themselves. AdSense profits? Of course. Haven't you heard of “Getting Paid To Click”? Buyers, just be extremely careful when browsing these gigs, otherwise you may risk your AdSense account being banned!

For buyers who still want to try these meaningless services, I'm sure you WON'T get what you need here on Fiverr. You will get exactly 0% conversion, instead of what you're hoping for like 0.0001% or 0.00001%. It's not the problem of finding "that" right seller. It's the problem that such good deal never exists on Fiverr. The so-called "REAL" traffic can simulate AdSense clicks or signups, but when it comes to real purchases like buying your services and products, it is completely useless. A warm reminder - keep your hard-earned $5 and start learning white hat search engine optimization (SEO). It's the only way to get long -term real exposure of your website. Consider getting services from white hat SEO company (NOT here on Fiverr) with a little more money if you really don't have the time and efforts to do so.

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  1. I see so many of the types of gigs you mention on Fiverr. I make it a point to tell buyers in my Tweet Your Promotion gig that my gig only guarantees that their message will get seen by my follower base and what they do with any leads generated by my efforts is up to them. That way they know up front that it's their burden of responsibility. I get as much information as I can from them before I start their tweets so I can customize them to fit their business message.

    1. Hi Joe, I'm sure you've also read my another blog post http://www.textlogodesign.com/p/fiverr-twitter-promotion-scam.html talking about Fiverr Twitter promotion scams. You're definitely right to make a point to remind your buyers of the fact that leads and sales are not guaranteed. Such a guarantee, however, is used by so many unscrupulous Fiverr sellers who have a fake follower base. That's why I've written that article to help buyers choose the right sellers. And fortunately you're one of the honest sellers, as I've already checked your follower base. Gook luck on your business!

  2. Will my adsense get banned if I use hit4hit service?
    I am using it from many days!

  3. Yes, my website got banned... thanks for your advice.

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