How to Promote Fiverr Gigs

How to Promote your Fiverr gigs


How to Promote Your Fiverr Gigs

1. Involved in Social Marketing

I can assure you that there are no magic tips for you to promote your gigs. Every gig is different, so every social media platform has a different promotional effect on your gig. I’m not going to list all of them out, as you can easily find a big list of online social platforms just by Googling. It’s actually hard for you to engage in social marketing to promote your gigs, as you’ll need to make it as natural as possible. Don’t just open a LinkedIn profile and start putting all promotional stuff in it. Don’t just open a Twitter account tweeting only about your gigs. People often hate over self-promotion. You need to make it natural by sharing interesting links, fun content, and being sociable and interactive with your fans. If you like speaking or are involved in voice-over, you can start a podcast or soundcloud account. If you’re a writer, why not start a personal blog and slowly build up and promote your Fiverr business? Or if you enjoy videos, video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vine would be a great choice for you. Start a channel and be resourceful and fun. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are normally the most popular platform for Fiverr sellers to promote themselves.  Only promote your gigs regularly, but not too frequently. Otherwise, your fans will be annoyed.

2. Set up a Website and Start doing SEO

You can set up a website dedicated to your Fiverr business, just like this website I host. Register a domain name with a little budget, which can certainly help you brand yourself. There are free hosting services like Google Blogger, WordPress and Wix. Though paid hosting is better in terms of functionality and search engine optimization, you may need to consider these free hosting platform if you don’t have any budget. Don’t just set up a blog or website, and start filling all of your promotional stuff in it. No one will care, and no one will find your website. Start by providing resources, freebies, information, useful content concerning your niche. Start learning basic SEO to help your website be discovered by search engine, and finally other people. Just make it naturally rather than over-promotional. It should look like a portfolio website with useful resources, instead of a promotional leaflet.

3. Diversify and Do Cross Promotion

Try diversifying your gigs by offering various services in your categories. This can make your portfolio richer and contribute to a cross promotional effect. For example, if you’re doing writing, you can make different gigs for writing blog posts, sales copy, about us page, or even rewriting articles. If you’re doing logo design, create various gigs for retro logos, badge logos, mascot logos and flat logos. This method may not work for everyone. Sometimes a general gig called “I will write articles” or “I will design logos” may convert better. But for me, I’d recommend diversifying and being a little specific for each of your gig. Then, in each of your gig, you can cross mention your other gigs in the description, so customers can have choices, and are prompted to order your other services.

4. Reply to Buyer Requests

For those who haven’t heard of buyer requests, it’s getting a little technical here. Follow these steps to get to the buyer requests page in the current version of Fiverr (through the desktop website in this example): hover over your username in the right upper corner, then click “My Sales”, and you’ll see there is an option saying “Buyer Requests”. Replying buyer requests is particularly useful for service provides doing design, SEO and writing. It may not help you get lots of orders, but it’s still worth a try. For me, I’ve only received several orders through buyer requests, but it already sounds good. You’ll need to select the most suitable gig in your portfolio when you reply to a buyer request.

5. Consider Paid Advertising

For paid advertising, I’m referring to small-scale ad campaigns outside Fiverr, particularly Facebook ad and Google Adwords. I mention “consider” only in the title, as this method may not suit everyone, including me. You can try if you have a little spare money to spend. For Facebook ads, I’d suggest opening a Facebook page and start building up your brand, with help of advertising. It’ll have a long-term boost effect compared with the ads prompting people to directly visit your Fiverr gigs.

6. Be Prepared for Criticism

The Internet is still the Internet, and it’s full of people with different opinions. Be ready to defend yourself when you’re mentioning Fiverr in forums, online communities or social platforms. Some people particularly hate Fiverr due to their job nature. I once met some furious so-called professional logo designers, and they were saying that Fiver is devaluing the “art” of design, the “training” and “experience” of a professional logo designer. Of course I did argue with them. Face criticism, defend yourself. After all, controversy is a great way to increase exposure of your Fiverr gig (yeah, that’s true!).

7. Article Marketing and Guest Posting

You can promote your Fiverr gigs by providing the audience with useful information, which is a softer way of advertising and can often get good results. I'd recommend HubPages for article marketing. For example, if you're designing logos, you can share tips and the latest trend of logo design. Guest posting on popular blogs is also a great way of exposure, but it'll be quite difficult to get your guest post accepted if it provides no value to the blog. My website also accepts guest posts related to Fiverr. If you're interested, feel free to contact me for more details. Here is an example of how a guest post looks like (By the way, it currently ranks in the first page of Google for "Fiverr proofreading"!).

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