How to Set up Fiverr Gigs

How To Set up Fiverr Gigs

How to Set Up Your Fiverr Gigs

1. Don’t Rush Setting Up Your Gigs

“Well begun is half done” sounds like a cliche, but it’s absolutely true for starting a Fiverr career. Never rush to set up a poorly organized gig. Smart buyers will look at how you formulate the gig - is it organized? Is it presenting clearly the requirements, the sample images, the gig extras, and any other things that a buyer will think of? Don’t just casually write a grammatically incorrect gig title and several short sentences in your gig description, then start selling. I’m sure you’ll soon complain why there aren’t any orders. It is because your gig doesn’t give the buyers a professional impression overall. I think you won’t wear flip-flops and a tank top  when you attend a job interview, will you?

2. Write an Awesome Title

First, don’t write any grammatically incorrect titles like “I will article writing” or “I will logo design”. Such titles may not appeal to buyers. Second, your title should match what you’re really offering for $5. According to Fiverr’s term of service, every seller should provide a basic service of $5, while more additional upgrade can be added as gig extras. When you write “I will design a website for $5”, that means when people order the basic $5 service, you’re really designing a whole website. Normally no one would care, but when someone reports your misleading gig title, you may be required to change it. “I will design web pages for $5” or “I will design website concepts for $5” may be other alternatives in this case. Third, research before you write the title. Browse around the successful top sellers in your category. Is there any particular keyword they include in their titles? Learn from the top sellers and come up with the best title.

3. Write a Clear and Detailed Description

Again, study some sample descriptions from successful sellers and learn from them. How is it formulated and organized? Take reference from them but don’t just copy word from word. The gig description is the first place where you communicate with your potential buyers. If it’s messy and not attractive enough, you’ll probably lose your clients. Think about the possible questions that your buyers will ask about your gig when writing the description. Include as many necessary details as possible, but keep them precise and to the point. This can save you a lot of time when you do your business as the buyers won’t need to as so many questions before they order. Besides, include suitable amount (Fiverr won’t allow you to include too many) of keywords in your gig description which will help your gigs rank higher. Mention about the extras, copyright, whether the buyer should contact you first, etc. Make use of organized formatting and paragraphing - add bullet points, subheadings, and separate different points into paragraphs.

4. Check your Grammar, Spelling and Punctuations

Small mistakes can ruin your gigs. Imagine you’re an English-speaking buyer, will you buy from a person who writes poor gig title and description with wrong grammar, lots of typos and inappropriate punctuations? Of course not. The description may not need to be perfect, but at least it needs to be decent and readable. A well-written description can give buyers an impression of professionalism. Especially if you’re offering gigs related to writing, like website content, blog posts, and sales copy, a single English mistake in your description will leave doubt in your potential buyers. If you’re not fluent in English, and are offering non-writing gigs, you may seek some sellers here on Fiverr to write for you. After all, buyers on Fiverr are mostly English-speaking and will expect a certain English fluency from sellers.

5. Choose the Right Tags

Tags are crucial for the Fiverr search engine. Again, reference on several top sellers and observe which keywords they have put in their gigs. Yet, Fiverr system forbids you to stuff repeated keywords in the field of tags. So choose wisely, include both general and specific terms in your tags.

6. Upload Appealing Gig Images

There are in total three slots for you to upload sample gig images (or four if you include a video). The first one will be the the main gig image, which the buyer will see in the search results. Make use of all three slots to show off your skills, especially if you’re providing services related to design. By “appealing”, I don’t mean “fake”. It’s always up to you yourself to decide what images to upload. And you’ll bear your own responsibility of giving customers a false impression. Customers will figure out you’re not providing the same high quality as seen in your gig images, and they’ll soon request refund or leave negative reviews. Go on to use stolen or fake images if you love that to happen. For people providing services less related to designing, you still need an attractive gig image to help you gain potential buyers. Don’t just use ugly clip arts and edit them yourself if you don’t have the necessary skills to do so. Hire other Fiverr sellers to help you out. (You can consult me if you like, but of course I’ll need to be paid. :D )

7. Add a Cover Photo

Adding a cover banner photo may not help a lot but it makes your gig more complete, and gives your buyers an overall better impression. But whether you add it or not is up to you.

8. Add a Video

Fiverr claims that adding a video will increase your percentage of orders by 220%, but is it true? I think, according to other sellers, that’s not for everyone. If you’re doing video marketing, voice over, or anything related to animation and videos, it’s wise of you to include a video in your gig portfolio. But if you don’t fall into these categories, whether you add a video or not is still up to you. You can choose your own custom thumbnail of the video, so it’ll appear in the search results.

9. Manage Your Live Portfolio

Live portfolio - another key aspect when buyers look at your gig. Enabling the live portfolio can let the buyers understand the quality of work you’re providing. For sellers doing graphics design-related work, I strongly recommend you turn ON the Live Portfolio. If you turn off the real work samples, obviously you’re trying to hide your poor quality work, and buyers nowadays are smart enough to know that with tips and tricks everywhere. So, only do work you’re proficient in, otherwise your cover will soon be blown! For other sellers who don’t provide products in images or videos, you can decide whether putting on samples will help your gig. It still seems more legit if you have some images in your live portfolio, like proofs in social marketing.

10. Don’t Copy Others’ Gigs

I’m quite sure no one will like copycats. You’ll need to care about work ethics and other Fiverr sellers here, even if you’re aiming to earn the maximum amount of money. First, if the original seller find out, and very likely he will, you’re copying his gig more or less the same like the title, gig images, description and tags, he will report to Fiverr customer support. You’ll surely be busted. Not only will your gig be taken down, you’ll also risk your account being banned. Another thing is that buyers are smart enough to find out you’re not providing the same service quality as shown in the gig images, and they’ll ask for refund or leave negative feedback.

11. Don’t Steal Things or Infringe Copyright

Under the Fiverr’s Term of Service, infringing copyright in your service is not allowed. So, never attempt to do anything silly by stealing others’ quality work. For example, if you’re claiming to write articles manually, don’t spin articles found on the web. Your buyers will immediately notice that and you’ll surely suffer. If you’re a logo designer, only use your own work in your gig images. I’m sure you know reverse image search if you’re really a professional. Others can easily detect your ugly act and report your gigs if you’re using stolen images from other sites, no matter in the gig images or the delivery to buyers. You’re welcome to check out my tips on finding logo designers if you want, to know how exactly your buyers are filtering out the poorly performing designers.

12. Offer Money-back Guarantee

Even if the amount is small, buyers still don’t want to risk wasting their money. After all, money is still money. People will still need to complain when they buy a hamburger with poor taste. Offering a guarantee tells the buyers you’re confident with your service quality, and will not try to scam the buyers. Just make sure you’ve mentioned under what conditions you will provide a refund. Is it a money-back guarantee with no reasons asked, or guarantee under certain conditions? Make sure you write clearly, and these will be proofs where there is a dispute. If you’re quite uneasy about offering a money-back guarantee, just bear in mind that when the buyers are unsatisfied with your service, it’s likely that they’ll request a refund. If you reject their request, they’ll probably contact Fiverr support. Then there is a high chance support will side with the buyers, cancel the order, and give them back the money, while increasing your cancellation ratio. It’s always better to settle things with your buyers with a mutual cancellation, rather than escalating it to the Fiverr support. A money-back guarantee is usually the best choice if you’re not providing free drafting before the buyer orders.

13. Keep your gigs SEO-friendly

Your gig should be “flowy” in a sense that the title, description, tags and gig images are connected with one another. Similar keywords should appear in these sections, as they’ll have a boosting effect on the search engine optimization of both Fiverr search and Google (although less likely).

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